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VenueMagic ShowNodes

A Simple and Effective Show Control Solution for your Escape Room, Themed Attraction, Scare Maze, Museum or Exhibition.

ShowNodes™ combine the power, flexibility and ease-of- use of the VenueMagic® show control software with the ability to play shows standalone across a distributive network of controllers.

ShowNodes™ are inexpensive show controllers with plug-and- play architecture making it easy to setup a network of controllers across the Ethernet that mirrors many of the features of the VenueMagic®software. Once programmed, ShowNodes™ will run standalone without VenueMagic® Software or a laptop connected on the network.

Programming ShowNodes™ is simple.

First, create your show in VenueMagic® and assign timelines to different nodes on the network. Then, with a few mouse clicks, upload your show to the nodes and they’re ready to go. ShowNodes™ are available with different I/O configurations (including DMX) and can provide audio and video playback as well.

ShowNodes™ are much more than a collection of independent controllers running standalone. They can also talk to each other and work together to create a complete interactive system. Rather than depend on a single controller in a rack with miles of cables which will bring down the entire show if it fails, your show is distributed across multiple controller “nodes”. Each node is responsible for its own part of the show but is able to cue actions in other nodes as well. This means a lot less cabling. It also means that if a single controller goes down, it doesn’t take the whole show with it.  ShowNodes™ can also be setup with redundancy so if one controller fails, another can take its place.

With ShowNodes™ and VenueMagic®, you can easily create sophisticated, interactive shows which run reliably, require less cabling and are more cost effective than single-controller show systems.

ShowNode Versions:

The Show Controller Node has all of the capabilities of I/O and Video Nodes but adds ability to simultaneously playback up to 20 VenueMagic timelines, each with its own audio track. Show Controller nodes also implement other VenueMagic features such as channel routing, events and variables.

The ShowNode Control Series allows you full functionality paired with a different input and output boards. Each ShowNode Control combines a

Common Features

  • 5V Power input connectors for external power
  • Standard Ethernet Networking for communication, loading of files and triggering
  • Built on a dedicated custom configured PCB
  • 8GB Industrial Micro-SD card
  • Assembled in UK

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The I/O Node provides digital and analog I/O, along with optional PWM and DMX output, which can be used by VenueMagic or by other nodes.

Each I/O ShowNode has the Following:

Analog Inputs

  • Eight protected inputs
  • 0 to 4.096V input range

Analog Outputs

  • Two protected outputs
  • 0 to 4.096V output range

Digital Inputs

  • 8 protected inputs
  • 3.3v and 5.0v logic compatible

Open Collector Outputs

  • 7 Outputs
  • Indicator LEDs on each output
  • 350mA sink current for each channel
  • Built in flyback current protection
  • Maximum load voltage of 12VDC

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The Video Player Node is a simple, low-cost video player that can be controlled remotely over a network by VenueMagic or by other nodes. Video files are loaded remotely using VenueMagic file transfer tools.

The ShowNode Video Series allows you to playback videos separate from your computer by simply adding an event to your timeline in Venuemagic®.

This base model ShowNode makes it easy to add multiple video projectors/screens to your production.

The beginning of each video will occur consistently and copying files onto memory cards and usb sticks just to put them on the device is a thing of the past. You can manage the available video files from within VenueMagic itself.


Video ShowNode Features:

  • HDMI 1920×1080 Output Resolution
  • Standard Ethernet Networking for communication, loading of files and triggering
  • Works as an event within VenueMagic Show Control Software (SC+ and DMX+AV Editions)
  • 8GB Industrial Micro-SDCard

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